“Absolutely! You’ve truly helped us so much and have provided incredible service, kindness, professionalism and we can’t thank you enough. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and I’ll continue to tell others about how awesome your services are!
Thank you!”

Jason at United Land Company

YOU’RE AMAZING AND A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!! If no one has told you that today, I’m going to hire a singing telegram NOW! Haha

Seriously thank you so much for all you do, how awesome you are and how much you help us. You’re the greatest! I’ll send these notes to the bookkeeper right now!

Also side note: do you have a place where clients/customers can leave reviews for you? I’d love to contribute and tell the world how awesome you are! Thank you so much!”

Jason at United Land Company

“Chris and her amazing team of accountants took the quagmire that were my company’s books that I tried in vain to do myself, and did a wonderful job organizing & maintaining them, and keeping the books clean and above board. I am thoroughly impressed with Chris’ professionalism, experience, and dedication to her clients. It is therefore no surprise she continues to be extremely successful. She is quick to respond to any questions and concerns I have, and has a wealth of advice to give.”

Paul Debogorski , Owner, Corvinus IT Solutions

I would like for you to know that it’s been a pleasure working with Chris. She is very organized, her work is clean, and she understands your business perfectly. I believe she is a great asset to your company

Kathryn Evans, CPA

Chris Cooke displayed excellent communication and analytical skills during my 2+ years of working with her at Republic Urban Properties. Despite being 3,000 miles apart (my office is in San Jose, CA), Ms. Cooke was always responsive, deadline driven and accessible to any and all requests made by my Division. Ms. Cooke would be an asset to any company as an Executive/CFO.

Michael Van Every, Senior Vice President, Republic Urban Properties

Chris is a very knowledgeable and professional financial officer. Chris always extends herself to answer questions and guide the accounting functions. She is easy going, has a good sense of humor and a pleasure to work with.

Walter Music, Director of Development, Republic Land Development LLC

Cooke & Associates has been doing my personal accounting for almost two years now. I have found them to be accurate, honest and knowledgeable. They set up my books, provided training in the software that I was using and did my taxes. Occasionally, I call them to talk me through a complex software issue and they respond with step by step instructions that this 74 year old senior citizen can understand and implement. Use them!

John B., JB Enterprises, Annapolis, Maryland

Ms. Cooke is the consummate professional as the Treasurer of the USS Yorktown Association. The Yorktown is so fortunate to have her at our financial helm. The Association is able to excel in our support of philanthropic goals because of her guidance.

Todd Cummins, Executive Director, USS Yorktown CV-10 Association

Needed an accountant on short notice. mmmm, who to contact? Of course Chris in my networking group. My husband and I visited her, and she was able to give us the info we needed in a relaxed professional atmosphere. I would like to recommend Chris to all who are looking for a professional, with many years of experience, right here in our group. Not far to go I would say.

Judy Ross, J.Hilburn

I want to thank you for doing such an outstanding job on the webinar! I couldn’t believe the number of questions. There were only 60 questions before you and Poonam started talking. At the end there were around 900 questions! Obviously, your presentations really hit home with the practitioners who attended the webinar.

Joe McCarthy CPA

Just wanted to reiterate what was said yesterday after the webinar. That webinar will be instrumental in changing lives because of the testimony that you and Poonam shared. While we have been sharing guidance for many years to help tax pros keep their data safe, your stories about how devastating a data breach and ransomware attack can be in real life brought it home to many of them.  Today, many tax pros are looking at what they currently have in their offices and at home and making decisions to improve/strengthen the quality of security for their systems.

We can’t thank you enough for your time, your honesty and your courage. You have made a difference!

Anna Falkenstein, Senior Stakeholder Liaison,
Communications & Liaison Division